Weird News


November 30, 2015

Indian film officials have banned James Bond from kissing. The infamous spy is renowned for his powers of seduction but all romantic scenes have been cut from the latest movie 'Spectre' in India. A total of four kissing scenes have been censored from the 24th edition in the spy franchise by Indian film censors ahead of the release next week. According to The Central Board of Film Certification, shots of 007 actor Daniel Craig puckering up are "too expressive" for viewers in the country.

Half of Brits are too shy to talk to their neighbours. New research has revealed a whopping 90 per cent of people in the UK think it's important to have a good relationship with their neighbours, but 53 per cent are too embarrassed to make the first move. The survey, conducted by retailer TK Maxx, also revealed 30 per cent are worried about being a nuisance to unsuspecting families next door. The research was done in an effort to improve neighbourly relations and has been championed by Amanda Holden who tried to encourage people to get to know others living nearby as part of the campaign. The TV presenter said: "When it comes to our neighbours many of us just pass each other by and maybe comment on the weather or the bins. But forging relationships with the people that live closest to you can become hugely rewarding and they could even become friends and provide an extra support system." Watch Amanda's video here:

A company has launched drugs for cats. The treat supplier named Meowijuana has created the natural high Purrple Passion to give their feline friends a good time. According to pet owners who have given the substance to their kittens, the animals enter a "euphoric state". But a pouch of the catnip, which makers insist is not related to cannabis, will set cat-lovers back PS15 a pouch. The firm revealed they get the high because "our all-natural catnip buds are harvested at the peak of the plant's essential oil production," according to the Metro newspaper.