Weird News


December 01, 2015

A woman spent thousands to look like Jack Sparrow. Amanda Sparrow has spent as much as PS4,000 on her pirate obsession, purchasing everything from tattoos to gold teeth, all with the intention of looking more like her movie hero.

After watching ten minutes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', the mum-of-four felt inspired to live her life as a Jack Sparrow impersonator. The 43-year-old's obsession started when her daughter, 13, noticed a resemblance.

She said: "My daughter Carla Rose screamed in front of the TV 'Mum you are so much like Jack Sparrow!' and I was like - 'who is Jack Sparrow?'"

Bacon-scented underwear is now available to purchase. J&D's Foods has created the first pair of pants that look and smell like bacon.

Each pair is handcrafted and promises both comfort and a distinct bacon smell, which was created through scent-emission technology stolen from NASA.

The company have advised that the underwear is not to be worn if you are a mail carrier, zookeeper, veterinarian, dog owner, circus performer, or if you are planning a leisurely stroll in the forest.

The bizarre product is available from at $19.99. What's more, both men's and women's designs can be bought.