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December 02, 2015

Star Thoughts

Beenie Man removed from Reggae Festival (Posted [latest news] Friday November 27,2015)

"Boycott!" the followers cried.

Bugsy Blazer: It's full time Dancehall fans start defending Dancehall and Dancehall artist and stop letting dodo people disrespect the music and our culture.

Wayne Skill Brooks: My question....BIG AN SERIOUS...........Why the Artist them not joining hands in support for Beenie, Bounty, Buju, Capleton....WHY????? This the very same thing they did to Buju after he apologise to them, and he refuse to bow...where is Buju Banton now??

Abdi Di'genius: In support of Beenie Man Jamaicans should not attend the reggae festival

Nicola Barnes: People should boycott the show. Nobody go unless they allowed Beenie man to perform, support Beenie man by doing that.

Kevin Determine To Succeed: It's time Jamaicans put up or shut up, for too long we claim to be against the gay lifestyle but we allow our artist to be bullied by the these guys and we still support them. Time to boycott these shows

Real Talk with Dancehall Queen Carlene (Published Thursday November 26,2015)

Our followers were happy to hear from Dancehall Queen Carlene and they respected her sentiments on Beenie Man.

Marie S Scarlett: Real big woman this, big up yuhself Carlene

Zertilda Allen: I've worked with them both and shows and I can tell beenie man and Carlene really cared for each other. ..and it doesn't have to be sexual

Dekisha Bridget: Best woman Beenie Man get in his life

Stephie MsAttitude Bogle: Don't care what ppl want to say but that's Beenie's heart beat right there

Maxine Headlam: Respect Carlene .. stay bless girl

Health dept seizes flour with Weevil (Published Wednesday November 25,2015)

Our followers were disgusted and called for even more drastic measures to be taken.

Kimmy White: There needs to be big fines bet these evil ppl stop these things. Selfish, only thinking of their pockets and no ones health kmt

Kadine Borngoodlookin Thompson: So dem nuh condemn d wholesale in its entirety n charge dem fi NASTY

Rosalee Ruth Williams: They should have close them down..

Jody-Ann Yanique: He should serve sometime time in jail for that, ole WICKED! !

Andrew Gray: These people are not known for their cleanliness no matter where they live. I say send them home.