#STARTop5Today: Top male lyricists (Part 2)

December 02, 2015

So yesterday we got ourselves into a bit of trouble when we attempted to list the top male lyricists in Jamaica.

No worries, we too had our own disagreements and like we said yesterday we have part two.

WARNING: This list is in NO particular order.

1. Buju Banton- No one can deny the lyrical contribution that this man has made to both reggae and dancehall. Buju is the ultimate poet at heart and one of the very best social commentators. 

2. Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley- One has to listen to him with a dictionary. His lyrical intelligence is top notch. This man can deliver punch after punch, sentence after sentence.

3. Bounty Killer- Another of dancehall's greats who has deposited a wealth of lyrics in the annals of Jamaican music. The famous line, "tell dem say anytime, me hungry again dem ago see me nine", has been used by academics and social commentators over decades to speak about the plight of the most vulnerable in the Jamaican society.

4. Twin of Twins- Say what you want but you cannot deny that these two have a double dose of talent when it comes on to lyrics. Listening to these two, one can't help but wonder whether they majored in literature in school. The fact that they make you laugh uncontrollably is a bonus.

5. Aidonia- From girl tunes to clash tunes, Aidonia has been able to hold his own lyrically in the business. 'Girl lyrics' are his niche as he seems to have the right words and the right structure to pen the songs that make ladies want to dance all the time.



Now tell us if you agree or disagree with this list. Who would you add?