December 04, 2015
File J Capri


Black Friday just done and me know nuff people buy out the whole a farin. Some a unuh not even pay unuh bill dem yet, so when JPS lock off unuh light, unuh can celebrate another Black Friday.

People, me hope unuh a continue fi pray fi J Capri. Get well soon, I hope God will continue to bless and keep you.

Andrew Holness wife a run fi seat! Yes, house haffi build. Gwaan Juliet. Dem nuh more dan you. Soon you roll, sing too sanky an gwaan true.

Earth a run red! Unuh nuh see say pickney a fight teacher a school? Wha kinda leggo beast pickney some a unuh a raise??? Wha really a gwaan inna the country? Everything a change up. All Sting a change up the ting and bring on bere old man. A bere felt hat and Kangol a go deh a Sting dis year.

A which one a unuh a try scam inna Milk name? The poor woman deh inna hospital and unuh a try scam people bout she need money. A dat scamming come to? Unuh need fi do better. Milk me hear say you deh pon radio yah now. You nuh curdle again Milk. You tun soy milk, a you inna style ya now.

Wha day ya me read say police a send out advisory say we must be careful of criminals in cop clothes. A must joke dis because a unuh same one a the criminals. Unuh right bout criminals inna cop clothes fi true, a unuh same one!! Unuh caan trick we! A unuh same one a impersonate civilians and a commit crime. Leggo from ya so wid dat.