Dancehall artiste clash over song

December 07, 2015
Contributed Propa Fade
Contributed Transporta

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, dancehall artiste Transporta is not one that subscribes to that notion. In fact, Transporta is accusing fellow entertainer Propa Fade of stealing his song.

According to Transporta, whose given name is Marlon McKen, he recorded a song in summer 2015 titled Voicenote with plans to release it early 2016. However, his plans have been derailed by Propa Fade, who released a song of a similar title.

A seemingly upset Transporta told THE STAR that after recording his song, he sent a copy to a selected group of individuals in confidence to listen and provide feedback.

"I am not sure how he got the song, but somehow it was leaked, and no one can tell me its coincidence because the title and concept are the same as mine ... what are the chances of that happening? His team released the song in November and someone notified me that he had ripped off my song," Transporta stated.

Transporta says he is currently in talks with his attorney about possibly taking legal action against Propa Fade for plagiarism.

"I will not allow this to slide, artistes need to respect the work of their peers and try to be creative with their own concepts and original works. It's very difficult and disheartening, especially as a rising talent, when others steal your ideas and work, and try to pretend they are the originators."

However, when contacted, Propa Fade told THE STAR that his song, which features Kim Weirdo, was actually recorded in 2014.

"My song record from last year so how could I steal his song? I don't know who is Transporta, I've never heard of him before. The only 'Transporter' I know of is the movie."