Weird News


December 07, 2015

A town in Memphis has been invaded by spiders after the creepy-crawlies spun a web stretching almost half a mile.

The residents of the tiny suburb have been left fearing for their lives after thousands of the eight-legged arthropods set up home and have been scurrying around the streets.

Frances Ward, who lives in the area, told WMC: "I've never seen anything like this. It's like a horror movie."

However, Memphis Zoo curator Steve Reichling is convinced the huge web won't pose a problem for society.

He explained: "In fields and meadows, there are often literally millions of spiders doing their thing, unseen and unappreciated by us.

"I would not want to live in a world where such things were no longer possible. The presence of these spiders tells us that all is well with nature at that location."

A new survey has discovered Brits are being rung more by spam callers than their own parents.

An experiment conducted by the new company Truecaller has discovered 60 per cent of residents across the UK are rung by cold callers more than their relatives.

Alan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder of Truecaller, said: "Nuisance and unknown calls are a huge problem in the UK, and mobile phones have become our most personal devices as the main gateway to our communications." The rise in nuisance calls is becoming an increasing problem across the UK as statistics show that each Brits wastes 290 minutes a year on the phone with spam callers.

As a result of people trying to avoid calls from cold spammers, 29 per cent of the nation has claimed they have missed a call from an old friend, while 23 per cent have missed an important call from a work colleague.

Even more worryingly, close to 10.5 million people have missed calls from an unwell relative as a consequence of trying to avoid unwanted spam calls.

Therefore, Truecaller has created an app that gives users the power to know who is contacting them via phone or SMS before they answer and gives them the option to block them.

Truecaller is available to download now on platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Domino's have invented an emergency pizza button.

When pizza enthusiasts get hungry now, all they'll have to do is click a button and the fast food giant will deliver a doughy treat straight to their door.

The new 'Limited Edition Easy Button' is packaged in its own mini pizza box and can be linked to the Domino's app where the user's regular order is saved.

Once the button is pressed, it will link to the phone via Bluetooth and the order will be placed.

The button will be available to "superfans" when a social media competition starts in December.