Weird News


December 08, 2015

A business that will dump people's boyfriends and girlfriends for them has been launched.

Those wishing to break up with their partners without actually being there can now pay The Breakup Shop to do it for them. Users can opt for a quick text, an email, a snapchat, a phone call, or for those more heartfelt dumpers - a letter and a bouquet of flowers. The Breakup Shop explained: "Let us handle the messy work of the break-up so you can spend more time swiping right [on Tinder]." The BreakUp Shop also has a "Gifts for Exes" section of their website, which features presents for those on the other end of heartbreak

A man's list of reasons why his wife is crying has gone viral.

Aaron Gillies noticed a lot of different things could make his wife's tear ducts come into action, and so decided to write them all down. The list included facts such as, "She found out swans can be gay, and thought it was really nice", and, "there was no biscuits in the house".

His emotional wife has started an online tirade, with other users sharing it over 30,000 times on Twitter. He said: "Thanks to everyone trying to diagnose my wife with mental-health problems, but I can assure you this is just what she's like! Oh, and she's not pregnant either."

The 'Hidden World of Bugs and Insects Report' has found Daddy Long-Legs and the European earwig are the most common creatures to take shelter in homes this winter.

Sony commissioned the research and also a macro photography series of pictures taken with their Sony a7R II, combined with the 90mm Sony Macro Lens and a macro filter, which show extreme close-ups of some of the smallest creatures around the house. The Seven-spot Ladybird, Common Green Lacewing, the Bluebottle fly, and Red Admiral also topped the list of tiny creatures who take up lodgings and can be found hibernating in the quieter parts of the house.

Men are decorating their beards in glitter for Christmas.

Gentlemen all over the world are making their facial hair sparkle and uploading pictures of the results on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Two friends from Portland in the US call themselves The Gay Beards on Instagram and helped to launch the festive bearing, and now bushy beards in all sorts of glittering colours are appearing online to spread a little bit of festive cheer. However, the bearded glitterati are not lifting everyone's spirits, and have split opinions online. Steve Phillips wrote on Twitter: "I would rather rub dog dung in my beard than glitter."