Star Thoughts


December 09, 2015

Because we are the people paper, we can't help but include you. So, if you are an active follower you may just see your comment here. Here are some comments on stories that were a hit on Facebook last week:

Woman gyrates on cat at dance (Published Tuesday, December 1, 2015)

Our followers had a field day with this one

Andrea Surajbally: The cat need a good lawyer! Sexual abuse!

Gavin L Cole: She should a bring a dog instead kitty cat pon kitty cat

Anicia Johnson: No man what's going on in the Dancehall?

Jason Imperial: Was laughing when I saw it... Rah, yah mon dat some a dem fi get. Red Flag fi har

Patricia Laird: The cat couldnt craw har up? Disgusting and stupid. Too hungry for a "forward" No mann!!

STAR Top 5 Today: (Posted [latest news] Tuesday, December 1, 2015)

We attempted to name the top 5 male lyricists. Of course, we got into a lot of trouble.

Bae Itz Kemme: Daaaah we all know the teacha a d boss pon lyrics more while me affi listen wid me dictionary

Easton Mclean: Bugle above Sasco and Aidonia? Unu frass man

Amoy White: Agree with list just remove Beenie an it will be better.

Riesha Barriesha: Admin cum ere mek a beat u betweenie man seriously! Listen some Jahmiel

Duane C Rock Mcneil: Obviously The Star don't know bout u leave donia.

Dancehall artiste J Capri dies (Posted [latest news] Friday, December 4, 2015)

This was a sad day on social media. RIP J Capri

Maureen McLeod: Her dad was so optimistic. This is a sad time for her family and friends. May the Lord strengthen them. Rest well Capri

Peter Claver: Big blow to the Dancehall world...RIP Jordan Capri..yuh vibes still stuck inna wi Head.

Sean Wilson: Condolences to the family, RIP J Capri

Shamila Shamila: RIP Jordan Capri gone to soon condolences to her family

Reggae Dancehall Riddims Archive: This news has greatly saddened us all in the Dancehall and Reggae community worldwide. Rest in peace J Capri