Weird News


December 09, 2015

Parents in a small village in India have been dunking their children in cow dung to increase their chances of good luck.

Mothers and fathers in Madhya Pradesh have been smearing the strong-smelling animal faeces over their little ones as they believe it will allow them to live a long life free from ailments.

The tradition takes place a day after Diwali - the biggest Indian festival, also known as the festival of lights - after people around the village have collected the dung for weeks.

On the morning of the practice, the parents gather round to say a special prayer before they start dipping their children - some as young as 12 months old - in the pile of poop.

The ceremony, which has been carried out for centuries by the locals, goes on from dawn to dusk until every child in the village has been dunked in the excrement.

An edible snack made from dead crickets will go on sale next year.

Cruga Cricket Biltong, which includes "marinated, dried and sliced" insects, is being developed to celebrate the reality TV series 'I'm A Celerity Get Me Out Of Here', which makes contestants eat gruesome jungle insects. Crickets are reportedly tasty and nutritious, and a serving (100g) contains over 53 per cent of your RDA of iron and 126 calories.

Producer of the chirpy treat, Meatsnacks Group, is hopeful that by the next season of 'I'm A Celeb' Cruga Cricket Biltong will be available to purchase.

Parents have been naming their kids after Instagram filters.

Mothers and fathers around the world have been turning to the photo-editing site in the hope of gaining some moniker inspiration for their babies, according to

Linda Murray, global editor-in-chief of BabyCenter, said: "This is the first time we've seen technology break through as a source of name inspiration.

"Photo-sharing is a daily and emotional part of Millennials' lives, and those two ingredients can trigger love for a name."

The website's annual list of popular baby names include Lux, Juno, Valencia and Willow - the names of filters and tools used on Instagram - while Sierra, Walden and Lark dropped.

Lux, which makes the photograph more vibrant, has shot up by 75 per cent on the boy's list and increased on the girls.

Ludwig, which makes the shot more defined, has jumped up 42 per cent for boys and 26 per cent for girls.

While, Juno, which shifts the lighting, has increased in popularity 30 per cent for boys and 26 per cent for girls.

Meanwhile, Mayfair, Rise and Brannan didn't even manage to make it on to the top 100 list.