Weird News


December 12, 2015

A man came face-to-face with a inquisitive polar bear when it pressed its paws and nose against his car window. Raymond Yue, a hairdresser, was left stunned with the six-foot white bear crept up to his truck and peeked through the glass in the town of Churchill in northern Manitoba, Canada.

The 43-year-old, who took photographs of the fluffy creature, said: "I was sitting in my truck when I spotted the polar bear walking beside our window. It was only a young bear, and it was very interested in exploring the vehicle next to mine."

And it wasn't just the people the polar bear, which is known for hunting seals, seemed interested in as he also had a go at sniffing around the car's tyre rim.

Raymond explained: "The bear spent a few minutes sniffing around the tyres, before popping up at the driver's window to take a look inside. A lot of people that see the photographs are concerned that we were in danger, with only a piece of glass between us and the bear."

A man has sliced off his penis with a razor blade following a row with his girlfriend.

The bagel seller, identified only by his initials HB, was captured on CCTV in Yenisehir District in Mersin, Turkey, whipping off his trousers and taking a blade to his manhood in a busy street after a fight over the phone with his lover. Although the strange act appeared grainy on the footage, onlookers claimed the man thrashed at his genitals until it was cut into pieces, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

A policeman managed to restrained the agitated man and he was rushed to hospital to have his penis reattached. Surgeons at Mersin University Medical Faculty Hospital managed to stitch the organ back on but warned it was badly damaged and may not be able to fulfil its purpose.

A man was left fearing for his life when he discovered a huge venomous lizard attached to the side of his house.

Eric Holland was left shell-shocked when he emerged from his front door and saw the five-foot-long lace monitor, which carries a venomous bacteria in its mouth, clinging on to the brickwork beside his porch in New South Wales, Australia.

Speaking to the MailOnline, he said: "I was just going outside to have a stretch when he waddled up to me and reared up. If it was a Martian I wouldn't have had a bigger shock. I have lived here for 18-years but I have never seen a lizard that big before. It was huge." Eric managed to get a picture of the reptile before it scurried off and he ran indoors for fear of being bitten or scratched.

A man named Bud Weisser has been arrested for trespassing after he was caught wandering around a Budweiser beer factory in St Louis, Missouri.

The 19 year-old was detained by police and charged with the offence after he refused to leave the premises when he was found trotting along the corridor by security guards. The teenager was taken away by law enforcement officers and charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, according to the Huffington Post newspaper.