Weird News


December 14, 2015

A beautician spat on her customer's face during a facial.

The beauty therapist was caught on camera dribbling saliva on to the lady's skin and rubbing it in with her hands three times while the paying client laid resting on the table.

The worker seemed unfazed by her fellow workers and clients sitting nearby as she continued to cough up spit and aim it at the unsuspecting client's

forehead, before she gave a smirk to the camera and made a thumbs-up gesture. The shocking video, which was filmed in Singapore, was shared on Facebook and viewed more than 37,000 times.

A woman has sparked health concerns after she posted a video of her slamming her private parts with a brick.

The brave dancer has left people wincing in virtual pain after a clip emerged of her beating her genital area with a paving block as part of her bizarre dance routine. The sequence also sees the woman, who is yet to be identified, holding the brick up in the air and throwing it down on her vagina, before getting up and grinding on the shattered remains on the floor. However, the theatrical performer isn't the first person to include their private area in their dance routine as another woman has previously used fire on her vagina. Doctor Jephthah Ford told the Jamaica Star newspaper about the dangers of using fragile body parts in routines. He said: "The pubic bone could damage the skin above the vagina. "If the skin hits against the bone, it can cut against the surface. It can cause laceration secondary to blunt trauma."

But it's not just women carrying out the shocking stunts as a man caused a stir recently when he attached three crates of beer to his penis and began swinging them around.