Weird News


December 17, 2015

A man who hates Christmas came home to discover his mates had covered his house in festive wrapping paper.

Gareth Neary walked through his front door after 30 hours of travelling to find out his cheeky friends had decided to boost his Christmas spirit by wrapping his walls, furniture and even his bed sheets in bright red paper.

Clearly stunned by the change, Gareth, from Dublin, stood speechless for a few minutes while he came to terms with what had happened, before he said: "It looks so different."

He added with slight agitation in his voice: "This is the last thing I want after 30 hours of travelling."

However, the gentleman takes the prank in his stride, even when he discovers it's being filmed on a GoPro camera. John French uploaded the hilarious clip to Facebook and it has since been viewed thousands of times.

A dad who lives in London's East Village has created a special reindeer satellite navigation system to help Santa find his way to their chimney-less home.

Jonathan Silman, 28, is worried his eight-year-old son Hamza will miss out on getting presents from Santa Claus and has partnered with East Village and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and sent Santa a video to help guide him on Christmas Eve.

In the heart-warming clip, Jonathan said: "Hamza was really worried that Santa and his reindeers wouldn't be able to find his way to East Village as it's such a new neighbourhood.

Nothing would put his fears at bay.

"Even after I put up a 'Santa stop here' sign, he asked me difficult questions like how will Santa find his way to our new home, especially as we haven't lived here long."

A python was close to death after being found dumped on a road. The Royal Python, which measured more than one metre long, was found in Hammersmith, London, and was rushed to Mayhew Animal Home after it was handed into Fulham Police Station, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Gillian Notton, the head of animal welfare at the centre, said: "It was lethargic and freezing. He was very cold but otherwise seems to be in good health. If it had been left out another night it would have died. We've put it in a warm place to get heated so it's now thawing and chilling out beside the radiator. Its temperature is getting back to normal."