Weird NEws


December 22, 2015

A church held a 'Return of the Jedi'-themed service to mark the release of the latest instalment, 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

The Zion Church in Berlin held the special intergalactic ceremony on Sunday with trainee pastors Lucas Ludewig and Ulrike Garve at the helm, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Lucas said: "In the decisive scene of Episode VI, Luke Skywalker is being persuaded to join the Emperor's side - the evil side. Luke resists, with the words: I will never turn to the Dark Side. [It's similar to the Bible verse], 'Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.'"

A kung fu expert is offering to protect people's cars while they enjoy a night out. Master Lolo, who wears a balaclava, is stationed outside Lefty's restaurant in South Africa and protects diners' cars as they enjoy their meal, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

He said: "I do kung fu and I am a master at it and am second dan black belt. I've trained twelve people but now I don't train because I don't have a lot of material. I am protecting people here, this area is now safe. People's cars are safe here at Lefty's."

A Justin Bieber superfan sleeps with his cardboard cut-out every night. Gabrielle Newton-Bieber - who legally changed her surname to incorporate the star's moniker - has revealed she can't get enough of the pop superstar and always refers to him as her husband, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

She said: "Even my boss calls me Justin now. I always call Justin my husband when I talk to people. I say 'I've got to go my husband is just on the TV.'

"They find it a bit weird because we are not really married; If only we were. Just maybe one day."

A robber was left flummoxed as he tried to raid a bank. The unnamed man struggled to get through the door at Security National Bank in Omaha, Nebraska.

He had to be let in by his accomplice as he couldn't work out which way to push or pull the door, Sky News reports.

The two suspects stole some money from the branch and made their getaway in a Ford Escape car.