Weird News


April 27, 2016

Weird News

Barcelona residents are "fed up" with people having sex in public. A video has gone viral online which shows a man romping with a woman, who is sitting on a bench in a train station with her legs high up in the air, in the Spanish city. A bemused commuter is seen walking past the couple, who take absolutely no notice as another group of teenagers giggle and point. But one unwitting bystander filmed the incident and a friend of the cameraman told Catalan daily El Periodico: "We are fed up with these sorts of situations and that's why we've decided to register a formal protest and go public with it." Transport company Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is looking for the couple to fine them for anti-social behaviour.

A German brothel has offered disappointed football fans a "quickie" match-day pick-me-up. Hannover 96 are currently at the bottom of the Bundesliga (Federal League) in Germany - where prostitution is legal - and are set to be relegated. They'll play their final game away to current leaders Bayern Munich on May 9 and FKK Villa sauna have anticipated fans will be feeling down in the dumps and have declared on the provocative ad posted on their Facebook page: "After the descent comes the rise". Their offer includes: "For 96 euros, all drinks, except champagne, are free and included in the entry fee is a 15-minute quickie with a female club hostess of your choice"

A community in Austin, Texas, wants to name its primary school 'Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance'. When the board of governors asked for suggestions to re-brand the educational institute, there were some very odd suggestions, including naming it after the most hated man in modern history. Other suggestions were, 'Bruce Lee Elementary', 'Schooly McSchoolerson', - in reference to the Internet's response to naming a new PS200 Million Royal Research Ship 'Boaty McBoatface' - and 'Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary'. One local Twitter user said they'd love it if the school was named after WWE star and reality TV host John Cena. They penned: "Robert E. Lee Elementary in Austin is changing its name. I would absolutely send my kids to John Cena Elem.(sic)"

The suggestions are being put to a vote and 'Donald J. Trump Elementary' is currently in the lead with 45 nominations.

Myleene Klass says morning times with her children are a "juggling act". The 38-year-old singer-turned TV personality has teamed up with the probiotic yogurt drink Actimel on a campaign to inspire British mums to stay strong during the hectic morning rush. The star - who has children daughters Hero Harper Quinn, 5, and Ava Bailey Quinn, 8 with her ex-husband Graham Quinn - said: "As a busy working mum, we all know mornings can be a real juggling act just trying to get everyone ready and out of the house on time. Even the small things can take forever! I really enjoyed teaming up with Actimel to help mums get off to a great start and stay strong throughout the day, something which I know every mum needs. It's reassuring to know we are all in this together." Myleene also performed with the Stay Strong Brothers, who penned the track 'Every Morning Mum' and appears with the group in a video available to view on Actimel's YouTube page, which features the brunette beauty turn from a tired and frazzled mother into one who is refreshed and raring to go after sipping the little pot of Actimel.