'I am ready to protest' ... Lloyd B opposes removal of Montego Bay's fountain

January 13, 2017
Lloyd B Smith

Former Central St James  member of parliament Lloyd B. Smith has reacted angrily to an announcement that the water fountain in the centre of Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, is to be relocated.

"I am very upset about the fountain in Sam Sharpe Square being relocated," Smith said on Facebook on Friday.

"These damn Kingston consultants will have a fight on their hands. That proposal is an act of sacrilege. I suppose the Sam Sharpe monument will be next. I am ready to protest," said Smith who is referred to as the governor of Montego Bay.

The National Works Agency (NWA) indicated this week that based on its findings, the fountain is greatly contributing to the city's traffic problem.

The NWA also recommended that the fountain be relocated to a space in front of the Montego Bay Cultural Centre. The space is normally used by the St James Municipal Corporation to mount a Christmas tree during the Yuletide season. 

"Relocating the fountain and reopening the closed-off section of Market Street would definitely ease the traffic," Michael Sanderson, the operations manager of the NWA's Traffic Management Unit, said.

"Relocating the fountain will assist the traffic flow and opening Market Street will improve circulation in the town because, as it is, traffic is being overloaded at one section of the city," added Sanderson.