Flood cheques distributed in Clarendon

May 24, 2017
A damaged bridge in the vicinity of Jacob's Hut to Pleasant Valley near Denbigh in Clarendon. The heavy rains caused flooding, which, in tirn, caused structural damage to the bridge.

More than $9 million worth of cheques were handed out to residents of Clarendon who were affected by the flood rains in April. The presentations took place at a  ceremony held at the St James Methodist Church in May Pen this morning.

"While we understand that these grants might not take care of all their needs, we are trying as best as we can to assist those affected. In some cases we have given out mattress, two-burner stoves, care packages, and the ministry will continue to work with Food for the Poor, the parish municipalities and all the other partners to see how best we can alleviate some of the suffering that's taking place," Shahine Robinson said.

Robinson, the minister of labour and social security, said that 444 families were affected in Clarendon, St Thomas, St Elizabeth and Portland. She said 418 of the families are from Clarendon. The central parish of Clarendon was hard hit by flood rains in April, and again last week.

Robinson said the grants are based on the severity of the damage. The amounts range from $20,000 to $50,000. One woman whose home in Bucks Avenue was destroyed will receive $100,000.

"The assessment is ongoing for those persons who were affected last week. To date, 235 assessments have been done but the work continues and we expect to go until May 26 to complete those assessments," the minister said.