INDECOM takes case to Privy Council

April 02, 2018
Terrence Williams

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) will be going to the United Kingdom based Privy Council for clarity on whether or not the agency has power to arrest police officers.
Information reaching THE STAR is that lawyers for INDECOM have filed documents and served them on the attorney for the Police Federation.
INDECOM has sought the attention of the Privy Council for it to give the final say on whether the agency has the power to arrest or charge members of the JCF.
The move comes weeks after the Appeal Court ruled that INDECOM does not have this authority.
The Appeal Court ruled on March 16 that the INDECOM Act does not give the agency or Williams the powers to arrest, charge or prosecute members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force or the Jamaica Defence Force.
Williams insisted that members of his team can still arrest and charge police and soldiers in a private capacity under the common law.