The 'Wife Bonus'

December 01, 2015

Recently, I read an article "why I let my husband pay me a 'wife bonus'", written by a housewife, describing the 'bonus' that her husband pays her for her work as his 'wife'. The concept amused me at first, but when I read further, I see why this new phenomenon may actually take on some life in marriages. Now women have left the kitchen decades ago, and most women have some work experience before they get married.

There are women who choose to give up their careers after marriage to start a family. So now they are in a position where they are no longer earning their own money. Very different from the women of the past who never actually had a job. These women know what it's like to be in charge of their own finances and to make their own money. So transitioning to a situation where they have to depend on someone else for their financial security takes some getting used to. Some of these women give up managerial, high-paying jobs, so it is even harder for them.





thankless job


For many housewives, throwing their energy into supporting their husbands and children is a thankless job where no 'salary' is earned. The 'wife bonus' is given to wives by their husbands at the end of the financial year as a sign of appreciation for services rendered. He decides how much she gets paid, and she is free to spend it on anything she chooses. This idea is very interesting, but how will Jamaican marriages navigate this concept? Will there be a conflict with the amount that is being paid? Will she feels that he should give her more than he does?

I suppose the 'wife bonus' concept may need some more exploration before implementing it in your relationship, but I can personally see how this tool can have positive results. But I always think that the division of labour in a relationship should be set by the parties in that union. I also think that while the job of breadwinner is important, it is not the only important job. The family is a unit and everyone has to be taken care of, so all the parties must do their job well.

If you are considering using the 'wife bonus', I recommend that you discuss with each other and figure out how it will be executed. Remember, communication is important to the success of every relationship. Good luck and stay sexy.

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Dear Dr Sexy,

It's Christmas again and I still don't have anyone to share it with. I am a good person, and I hear women complain that there are no good men out there. I am a good man, but they don't seem to want me. I am tired of going to clubs and bars. What can I do?


Dear Tony,

People tend to really feel the sting of loneliness this time of year. I understand how you feel. Clubs are not really the best place to meet people for everyone. Try changing your routine. Start a new

activity, like joining a running group or going to the gym. You will meet some new people and even if you don't find a partner, you will make some new friends.

Good luck,

Dr Sexy

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