My man won't send me nude pics!


December 10, 2015

Bragadap Brap!! Waa gwaan TamFam? Big up all Tambourine Radio and Tambourine TV listeners and viewers. An bless up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners. Respek Concrete!!

Unu pree dis ... a woman up ya a Obama Lan a bun har husband fi a while. Crazy dash out, whole heap a swiping, an bare tings she a rinse wid di bunna man. Dis a gwaan fi more dan a year.

Har husban nuh too have it like dat, dollars tight wid him, but di bunna man money tun up. Di bunna man buy har a brand new car an she eventually get him fi buy anneda car WEH SHE GI HAR HUSBAN!! Di bunna man know say she gi di second car to har husban, dat was di agreement.

Fi di whole bunnin she a collect fram di bunna man an a hot out har husband. Di husband swag tun up, crazy brand name clothes, hot car, vacations an nuff supm-supm - all financed by di rich bunna man.

All dis time she did a tell har husband dat she did get dis incredible promotion a work weh pay har nuff-nuff money. But eventually smaddy pinch di husband bout di bunna man. Di husband do likkle investigating an figure out everything. An hear dis ... DID HUSBAN TELL DI WIFE FI GWAAN DASH OUT AN COLLECT WID DI BUNNA MAN! Yups! But a nuh dat a di drama ... di wife tun roun an staat done har husband say him a nuh real man, him disgusting, him wukliss, disrespectful an licky-licky BECAUSE HIM TELL HAR FI GWAAN DO WEH SHE A DO LONG TIME!

Mi honestly nuh fully know wa fi say bout di two a dem. Is not even like one wrong an one right. But mi tink one head gaan more dan di oda.

Anyways, pree da nedda drama ya:

Him Naah Sen Pics

Hey Raga, here is my story. Me and my boyfriend of four years are in an on and off type of relationship since it's a long-distance one. I'm the tpye of girl who likes to please her man ... so if you want nude pics I'm gonna send them!

Anyway Raga, since we've been talking I can count on one hand how many times he sent me a pic of his instrument, on one hand ok! Now this man wants me to send him video of me playing with myself and sending him pics of my , which I find pleasure in doing because I love him.

But Raga when I ask him to do the same in return he refuses, and I'm supposed to be his woman, is that right? Mark you, we haven't seen each other in almost a year now and I'm very horny and would love to see! Raga I love his sort out sooooo much and just to see his instrument makes me not want to sort out anyone else! This is how sexy his instrument is!

Should I be worried bcaz he don't wanna show me? Do you think he's sorting out someone else? I'm so confused why

wouldn't he want to show me his instrument when I'm all over his phone showing myself? Raga, please should I be concern or just leave it alone? We never do phone sex or anything like that and I'm really needing him ... and I dont wanna cheat ... smh.

Lawd Jeezas! Awright, hear wah, jus' tell him say wid di distance between di two a unu yuh get very lonely, an a dem time deh yuh depen pon him instrument pitcha dem fi help yuh self. So him betta staat sen yuh more pics or else it a jus a goh create more problems an yuh nuh know wa yuh a goh end up a do inna yuh horniness. An a bet yuh him staat sen on di pics dem. But if he doesn't .... dat may mean him have a betta ride, an him jus' not dat into you. In that case, jus gwaan hol it an draw fi anneda man.


Awright peeps, sen mi unu drama dem at Leggomentz ya now. See unu same place ya soh nex Thursday.


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