Mistakes women make in relationships

March 08, 2016

Today, March 8, 2016, is International Women's Day, and I thought it would be fitting that I address some of the decisions women make in our relationships and how they affect our overall happiness.

First of all, let me say that as a 21st century woman, I am happy to say that we have made it a far way as a gender because not so long ago the only options open to women were the roles of wife and mother. Today, those roles are still available, but even better, they are not the only options, so we are only limited by our imaginations and ambitions. Many women have even shattered the proverbial glass ceiling and achieved massive professional success.

While all of these achievements are well worth noting, it's also important that I point out that women are still marginalised in various facets of life. So with that in mind, I wish to take a few moments to talk about some of the mistakes that women are guilty of when it comes to relationships:

Expecting your partner to know what you are thinking

People don't read minds; they need you to communicate your needs, so they can be met. Ladies are often dropping hints and then get very annoyed when their partners seem not to get them. It's not enough to just expect your partner to always know what you want, how you feel, and what you are thinking. Communication issues are at the root of many conflicts in relationships, so make an effort to speak with your partner and be clear about what you expect so you can get your needs met.

Forgetting about you

In a effort to be all things to everyone - mother to the children, wife to your husband, sister to your siblings, child to your parents, and then some - you forget about you. You must make time for yourself and indulge in things that you like, just for you. Balance is necessary in life, and many women have problems achieving that balance.

Neglecting your sexy

Never stop taking care of yourself. I firmly believe that we are at our best when we feel sexy, and when you let yourself go, it affects your self-confidence. Invest in being the best version of yourself. While many women make sacrifices for their families, she must make the time to take care of herself as well.

Expecting your partner to know how to please you

It's important that you know what pleases you sexually. If you don't already know, then figure it out. Your body should not be a mystery to you, touch yourself, and figure out what you enjoy so you will be able to communicate with your partner when you share intimacy. This is why I encourage masturbation, especially among women, that's a great way to learn your body.

Not participating in your pleasure

You need to be an active participant in your pleasure. It's not enough to just lie there and take what your partner is giving to you. Your partner wants your feedback and also wants you to reciprocate so participate. Move, touch, kiss, talk, do something, don't just lie there (unless that's a part of your role play, in which case, proceed).

For the most part, women have taken control of their lives and they should do more to take control of their sexuality and make it work for them. Ultimately, one of the most important things to do is to communicate clearly with your partner and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Happy International Women's Day ladies.

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Dear Dr Sexy-Ann,

Can I have sex during my period?

Linda, Spanish Town

Dear Linda,

Yes, you can, but use protection when you do. For many persons this is not an attractive prospect, but you can have sexual intercourse plus the orgasms can actually help to ease menstrual cramps.

Good luck,

Dr Sexy-Ann

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