Do men really want 'natural' women?

April 12, 2016
Fake eyelashes

If you have been paying attention to the media at all, you would have heard about the great 'Diva Beef'. While I find the whole debacle amusing and quite entertaining, I have also been paying attention to the comments being made about the alleged 'surgical enhancements'. So, as usual, whenever there is controversy, I am asked to give my two cents. This time is no different because now everyone wants to know how I feel about cosmetic surgery.

I can remember seeing a meme on social media that said, "Women wear fake hair, nails, eyelash, breast, butts, and say they want a real man." When I saw this, I laughed to myself because I thought, "What does one have to do with the other?" There are a lot of men who create a stink about women not being 'natural', and they complain continuously about all the enhancements and fandangles that women wear.

They claim they don't like any of the enhancements and prefer their women to be natural. Really? I think they are hypocrites. The fact is most of these men gravitate towards the 'hot' girl who wears the hair, nail and all the rest. And don't get me started on the cosmetic surgery. So many of these men lose their minds when they see the 'enhanced' body part. Which brings me to my next question: What is natural?




Using deodorant, scented lotions, perfumes and similar products are not natural. As a matter of fact, there are places in other parts of the world where using these items is considered to be unattractive. The 'natural smell' is what Jamaicans refer to as 'green', and so this is not considered an attractive fragrance. Do men really want women to stop using these products? I don't think so.

Combing and washing your hair is not natural either. Neither is brushing teeth. Think about a society where we all started to be more 'natural'? Now, I know I am being extreme, but it's just to drive home the point that while some persons say they want their partners to be natural, that's not literally what they mean.




Now, it seems that all of a sudden almost every woman I see has an hour glass figure. I personally have no issue with what individuals do with their bodies, and as an advocate for personal choice, I believe that it's 100 per cent that person's business. As far as public figures denying that they have work done, especially when they seem to forget that we have seen the before, I find that very amusing.

Ultimately, I would like to see us get to a place where we are spending more time and effort in building our emotional strength and confidence, so we can be more comfortable with who we are. Personally, I think we are too infatuated with our packaging when we should be paying more attention to our content. But, hey, maybe it's just me. In this social media, selfie-obsessed world we live in, it makes sense that we are so preoccupied with our looks. So, to the men that claim they want a 'natural woman', stop choosing the lady in the 40 inch Brazilian hair, the coffin-shaped acrylic nails, the breast implants, shaking her butt implants, wearing a waist trainer and then complain about it. Either accept the truth, which is that you secretly like the enhanced woman or go find yourself a naturalista. There are quite a few of these ladies available! Have fun and stay sexy

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Dear Dr Sexy-Ann,

I don't want to try anal sex, but my boyfriend keeps asking. Is it bad if I don't do it, since it seems so important to him? I don't want to lose him.

Pat, Portmore

Dear Pat,

Sexual choices should be selfish. The only reason you should do anything sexual is because you want to. If you are not interested in trying anal sex, don't do it. Let your partner know how you feel and your partner should respect that. You can find out more, and based on that if you change your mind, do your thing. If not, you may have to make some adjustments, but that's up to you.

Good luck,

Dr Sexy-Ann

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