Make your relationship more sexy

May 24, 2016

We've all seen the movie: boy meets girl, they make eye contact across the room, meet in the middle and exchange numbers. Then we see the montage of the wonderful fun dates, the couple plays games in the park, running around trees and rolling around in the grass. Then that moment of truth appears. They share their first kiss, the violins play, then they make love, and it is amazing. The couple goes through some conflict and they break up for a while then they find their way back to each other, they work out the issue and eventually make up and live happily ever after.

What the movies don't show is what happens after they "live happily ever after". Do they stay happy? Or is it over as soon as the cameras are off? In real life, when a couple gets together and all the novelty wears off, they still have to figure it out. There are no lights, cameras or music and they have to work at keeping their union going. There is no automatic button when it comes to relationships, and it's easy to get distracted by all the other factors of life, and sometimes, couples loose the connection. So here are some things that couples should start doing to keep their relationship sexy:

Make Out

Kiss each other like you did as teenagers. Sometime we are too busy being grown-ups that we forget about the things that make us feel good. Kissing is perhaps the most intimate of experiences, so you should share kisses with your partner every chance you get.


Whether it's the slow jams of the 90s, soca, or some Vybz Kartel songs, get your dance on, and do it often. You don't have to go to a party. Just turn on the music and let your bodies do the work. Dancing together is a great way to build intimacy with your partner, plus its fun.

Have more sex

For some reason, the longer a couple is together, they have less sex. This does not have to be the case. Sex is a physical expression of your love for each other, so go ahead and express yourself. Having satisfactory sex with your partner helps to solidify your bond as well as all the other physical and psychological benefits. It feels really good.

Go on dates

Just because you have made a commitment to each other, doesn't mean you should stop dating your partner. Dates are how you get to share common interests, relax and connect with each other. You can switch the activities, but the date must happen. I know busy schedules make it difficult to find the time, but it can be done. Put it in your calendar as an appointment and keep it.

Hold hands

Touching is important to keeping the connection between a couple, so holding hands can go a long way to reassure your partner that you are still interested in him or her. I am personally annoyed when I see couples who are supposed to be out with each other but are so disconnected that someone looking on would never be able to tell.

As with everything in life, your relationship requires maintenance. If you are not participating, then you will see the results of the neglect. Make the effort to grow closer instead of focusing on keeping tabs on each other. Relationships are not automatic and they need attention. Remember that communication is essential to the success of every relationship, so ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. So, get your freak on, have fun, and stay sexy.

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