Your sugar daddy is not always sweet

August 09, 2016
Sugar daddies constantly shower their lovers with gifts such as jewellery.
Sugar daddies constantly shower their lovers with gifts such as jewellery.
Sugar daddies constantly shower their lovers with gifts such as cars.

A few decades ago, it was clearly defined what a boy and girl had to look forward to when they grown up. In the traditional family, the roles are clearly defined - the man goes out, makes the money, and the woman stays home and takes care of the domestic duties and the children. She makes sure the man does not have to worry about any added work when he gets home from work.

In modern society, families have evolved, and while there are still some traditional families, gender roles have certainly changed.

Since women are allowed to be educated, they have also been afforded other opportunities that were not available in a traditional society. The modern woman is making her own money and, that has gone a long way in the evolution of the family unit.

Now we are finding situations where the gender roles have completely been switched around. The single-parent family has become the most prevalent unit, and both partners are contributing financially to the household, not just the man. Even though the family structure and gender roles are not as defined as they were in the past, there are still certain traditional expectations that still exist in relationships today.

As a part of the transition, we have seen the 'sugar daddy' phenomenon where wealthy men have relationships with women usually several years their junior. They take care of them financially, while these women, who essentially don't have a job, are completely available to their sugar daddy when he needs her. As a matter of fact, there are certain expectations that a sugar daddy has of his sugar baby for the relationship to work.


He's the boss

When he is spending copious amounts of money on his sugar baby, the sugar daddy is in charge - period. He decides if she works, goes to school, how she gets around, even when they have sex. He always gets the final word, no questions asked.


He is usually very jealous

She must never have another man other than her sugar daddy. Cheating on this man can be dangerous. It can even be fatal. A man in a typical relationship already has problems accepting being cheated on, but to a sugar daddy, cheating is disrespectful and he will not take it well.


She's not the only one

She cannot have any issues with him having more than one woman in addition to her. This man typically is not monogamous and uses his money to control his women.

It's about the money. He pays a significant amount, if not all her bills, and he considers her his property. The money is at the foundation of the relationship, and typically, if he cannot provide for her anymore, the union splits.


It can become abusive

There can be some element of abuse in this relationship, though not always. But it is important for the sugar daddy to be in control and in demonstrating his power, and so he can become abusive.

Since we are living in a challenging economy, more women - even men - jump at a chance to have someone take care of their finances, and so this type of relationship seems more attractive. There are even men who are "turning gay for pay" because of the financial benefits of such a relationship. As someone who believes in an individual's right to choose how they live their life, I personally don't have any issues with this type of relationship. While many persons would like to choose their partners because of love, money is also considered a valid reason by some. At the end of the day, decide for yourself if you can live with the consequences of having a sugar daddy and take it from there.

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Dear Dr. Sexy-Ann,

I saw you on OnStage talking about your fibroids and I have a similar problem. You said you changed your diet. Can you tell me what you eat now? I want to try it. You look amazing, by the way.

Phyllis, Norbrook


Dear Phyllis,

Thank you. I feel amazing. Changing my diet was the best thing I ever did. It's probably easier if I tell you what I cut out of my diet. I stopped eating rice, flour, sugar, meat and processed foods. So now I only eat fruits and vegetables. The great thing about living in Jamaica is that there is a variety of natural foods to choose from, so I eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, ground provisions and fruits. This diet takes commitment and discipline because you will get cravings, but you can stick to it as long as you find healthy food that you enjoy. Feel free to follow me online for more information. Good luck.

Good luck

Dr Sexy-Ann

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