Schedule the sex

September 20, 2016

When we are single, usually we know what to look for in a prospective partner. We know what kind of values and level of education we would like that person to have, even as far as the type of car he or she drives.

With all of these requirements, it's no surprise that the prospective partner might fall short or that we give up on some of the criteria all together. But what happens when you get the partner you want and realise that you are still not happy?

In the beginning of a relationship, everything is new and exciting, and the future is bright and hopeful. After the novelty wears off, a couple is exposed to the faults and annoyances of each other and these can prove to be a real test.

Add the challenges of career, children, external family and friends, and it seems like the relationship is about to combust. With all the added pressures of life, it's easy to understand how couples experience conflict and other stress in their relationships.

With continuously climbing divorce rates and all the elements that seem to plague relationships, happy couples are becoming an endangered species. The good news is, it is possible to be in a happy relationship - it will take some work, but it is definitely doable.

Here are some things you can do to keep the happy in your relationship:


Turn off the devices


We live in a world today where some of us can't even go to the bathroom without our phone. Technology is great, but we have become so attached to the devices, some of us are incapable of having a conversation without them. Designate a no-tech zone in your home and really engage with each other. Use the time to really talk to each other. You can make plans, discuss your day, or just share a dream - it doesn't matter. Just use the time to reconnect with each other.


Schedule the sex


With the demanding schedules that so many persons have, it seems they cannot find a mutually convenient time to knock boots. So schedule it. I know it doesn't sounds spontaneous or romantic, but since your lifestyle don't allow spontaneity, put it in your calendar. Sex is an important component of a happy relationship and it needs to be maintained. Furthermore, studies show that a couple that has frequent satisfactory sex, is happier overall.


Get a babysitter


When couples have children, the focus is on them, as it should be. But there is also a need for the adults to bond and maintain their connection. So use up all the people who attended the baby shower and the christening - let them babysit. So you can spend some alone time together as a couple - make it count.


Have quickies


Quickies are fun and they are a great way to keep the spark in your relationship. Being so into each other that you are still unable to keep your hands-off each other is a hallmark of a happy couple. So indulged that feeling, have quickies, have fun with it, and please don't get caught.


Do special things on ordinary days


Birthdays and anniversaries are important and for some couples, remembering these occasions can affect the success of the relationship as a unit. But how special and thoughtful is it when your partner does something extraordinary on a regular day? Remember the act is not about the money that was spent, more about the thought behind it and a demonstration of love.

At the end of the day, relationships take effort and there is no such thing as autopilot. You work to get the person in your life, now you must work to keep them happy in it. As with anything else in life, maintenance is necessary and the overall success will depend on your efforts so get cracking. Remember, communication is essential to the success of any relationship so ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. So go get your freak on.

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