Seeking Mr Right, finding Mr Wrong

September 27, 2016

I've been getting a lot of requests from single women to do another speed dating event. For those who don't know, a speed dating event is one where we facilitate multiple dates in one night.

Basically, how it works is that we have about 10 couples, and each date lasts for five minutes. The idea is that a person can tell if they want to spend more time with someone within a few minutes of meeting them. So if you are not interested after five minutes, you can move on to another date. It works because the person gets to meet multiple persons in one night and that alone increases their options.

So, let's get back to the single ladies - many ladies are simply fed up with the quality of the men that are showing interest in them. They want men who are financially secure, romantic, kind, considerate and fun - at least. But according to many of these ladies, the pickings are slim and the men are just coming up short in some of the most basic ways, which makes finding love so much more challenging. So these ladies know what Mr Right looks like, but they seem to only be finding Mr Wrong. What is it about these men that make them unsuitable options for a relationship?

The mama's boy

The man lives with his mother and she still does everything for him - washes his clothes, cooks his meals and he is taken care of. He compares the women he meets to his mother and expects that they will step in and cook his favorite meal exactly how his mother does. In some cases, his mother gets to approve of any woman that he dates, and she is usually not very easy to please.

The cheapskate

This man is very frugal and he does not spend his money unless he thinks it's worth it. He also doesn't give money to his woman. He manages the money and only buys what he thinks she should have. She does not get to spend the money herself.

The 'gyallis'

This man tells you upfront that he already has multiple women and he expects any new conquest to fall in line. He expects all his women to stay in their lane and will not accept any of them having another man with him. In some cases, he will want the women to work together for a project or to be with him together when he wants.

The alpha male

This man is the boss - he's in charge. What he says is law and he does not expect his woman to have any problem with that. He does not do house work because that's the woman's job and he's not going to do it. He decides how the money is spent, whether he earns it or not.

The cheater

Monogamy is a challenge of the cheater. There is not a sexy woman that he can pass up. He is a smooth talker and usually works his way into a woman's panties with little effort, and he knows it. He's a gifted liar as well, because each of the women believes whatever he tells them and that's a big part of his repertoire.

Women continue to complain about the lack of suitable prospects for love and with so many of these men roaming the streets, it doesn't look positive. But fear not, there is hope. Perhaps what some of these ladies can do is change the way she thinks about some of these men or the men have to change their approach to the women. Either way, some adjustment will be required otherwise we will end up with a civilisation of single people, and that simply will not do.

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