Lef something pon di shelf fi other people


October 03, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer A woman looks at almost empty supermarket shelf on Saturday, as shoppers prepare for Hurricane Matthew

The mayhem weh Hurricane Matthew cause over the past couple of days never normal at all!

The sick, lame and the lazy were out in full flight a dive down pon every supermarket shelf and a scrape up all the hurricane paraphernalia weh dem seh we fi buy. Some are too young to remember, but many are not too old to forget the devastation that was Hurricane Gilbert, so dem naa tek no check! The supermarket line dem long like di one dem a embassy, and the roads were completely gridlocked. Jamaicans never did a ramp wid Monster Matthew at all! I'm happy to see that for the most part people were compliant, getting all the hurricane necessities and adhering to the advisories.

Mi still a try work out inna mi brain wah mek we so last-minute?! Although we a prepare, many people wait until the 99th hour fi go pick up dem items. Mi hear one man a seh him neva know seh hurricane a come, him jus' think a likkle rain we a go get! It is so important to be aware and informed, because your life and safety could depend on it.

Mi seh every bread missing offa di shelf! Mi know the people dem weh own di supermarket naa done count money 'til bout next month because dem 'bathe' inna sales! Everybody an dem mumma a shop! Mi see one man him tek up 10 bread an mi think to myself, my God, is the feeding of the 5,000 him a go do! Some people scrape up so 'til not even a tin mackerel or sausage lef fi smaddy else!


Though it is important to secure our family first, it is also important in times like these to remember the story of the Good Samaritan. We can assist others before, during and after the hurricane. So even though you want stock up the house wid the 'hurricane food', it's important fi lef something pon di shelf so someone else can get too.

Mi know whole heap a prayers go up fi 'Monster Matthew' shift and change course because Jamaica no have no latitude fi no devastation at this time, or anytime fi dat matter! Mi hear some people a bawl seh dem want the hurricane come so dem no haffi go a work or school, but mi no think dem understand the magnitude of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. Thanks be to God there are more sensible people praying that it jus dissipate. Some a dem only think bout fi stay home and don't understand the stress and inconvenience that a hurricane brings! Mi notice something, though, seh Jamaicans become very God-fearing when there is a hurricane looming! Everybody a tek it to 'knee city' and a when the hurricane shift dem a seh a the prayers dem weh dem send up to father God "tun back di hurricane!" We fi a pray so all the time! And not just pray, but operate in such a way that God will continue to favour our beautiful island because it's only by God's grace we remain unscathed for the most part.

Mi heart goes out to Haiti and other countries affected by this menacing hurricane system. Sometimes mi haffi wonder a who fah mumma white fowl Haiti eat mek di tings dem ever seemingly a reach them! No sah! When is not one thing is another. We a pray fi Haiti and the other countries affected. Mi just want the hurricane season hurry up and pass so we no haffi a buy down the supermarket so! The way mi see the people dem buy, mi know we haffi go 'sale out' some a di food items, or fi di people dem weh can 'vacuum' off the food, at least dem belly will full 'til the next hurricane!

I hope everyone will be safe. Be prepared. Listen to instructions from the authorities. Read yuh STAR, cause we deh yah fi unnu! Sending all of you love, strength and protection!

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