Nothing wrong with Yellow Pages cover

December 02, 2016
The original Yellow Pages cover

Why do I get the feeling that if Dr Wayne West and the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) had their way we would all dress in hijabs and when we went to parties, the one-foot rule would apply?

The one-foot rule dictates that men and women dancing together should be no closer than a foot apart.

I also get the feeling that Dr West and his coalition are also living in a fantasy land, where all things are white and very European in nature.




You see, Dr West and his coalition of prudes went out of their way to have the Yellow Pages change an illustration depicting people enjoying themselves in a dancehall.

"We thought that what was displayed there wasn't something that was beneficial. We didn't think that scene, which was sort of a dancehall scene, was ideal," he said.

He went on to say that the Yellow Pages should be seeking to elevate rather than encourage behaviour that is not necessarily ideal.

I would be interested to know what behaviour is considered 'ideal' in the dancehall?

I wanted to see how terrible this thing was. When I eventually found the cover, I thought I had found the wrong one because what I saw - and I can be a prude when I want to be - did not offend me at all.

I also didn't think it was something that would negatively affect my 15-year-old son, who just happens to be easily influenced by today's culture.

What I saw was a very tame depiction of what obtains in the dancehall these days, where women set fire to their nether regions, smash blocks against said regions, or simulate the sexual actions that pass for dancing these days.

I didn't see a single thing that would be considered offensive.

What I think is that Dr West and company are completely out of touch with what really is our culture - a culture that they are apparently ashamed of.

Dancehall is our culture, a culture that has been with our people from before our ancestors were forcibly shipped from the west coast of Africa and that is now infused with some of our more modern influences.

This is a culture that 95 per cent of our nation is familiar with and apparently struggle with from generation to generation.

Forcing The Yellow Pages to change the cover is nothing short of censorship.




The Church often complains that the LGBT community tries to enforce its lifestyle upon all of us. However, it is the Church that forces its beliefs on the rest of society.

They have been guilty of this for as long as there has been church. For example, when I was growing up, women were not permitted to wear pants to church.

We are a people steeped in African culture. If you pay close enough attention you will notice that there are very strong similarities. The dancing, everything is innate. It is who we are.

But apparently, Dr West and his like-minded colleagues do not believe this, and that's why they are disconnected from the reality of Jamaica and its dancehall culture.

Values are to be taught by parents, guardians, and the immediate community, not by the Yellow Pages.

They were just trying to depict our culture, but the JCHS would have us believe that something is wrong with who we are.

I am here to tell him and his society that there is nothing wrong with our culture, but something is terribly wrong with those who refuse to accept that.

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