It's time to review your relationship


December 13, 2016

As we approach the end of another year, we tend to start thinking about our life, about the year that was. As usual, at the beginning of the year, we make a list of resolutions to lose weight, get a better job, have a child, find love, get married the usual. But how much of that list did you actually achieve? And why do we continue to ignore our relationships? Whether or not you're in a relationship, if you were to review the state of your love life, what would be the result? Are you happy with your relationship? What are some of the things you need to work on? What can you do to make your partner more satisfied in your relationship?

Here are some of the mistakes that people continue to make:

Neglecting each other's emotional needs

In relationships, we try to satisfy our partner's physical, financial and sexual needs; but more often than not, the emotional needs are not met. In the fast-paced, high-tech, instant world that we live in, we sometimes miss it when our partners need more from us that just going through the daily routine with each other. Take time to talk to each other about the things that matter to you. Pay attention when your partner is reaching out for your moral support, or just your time and undivided attention.

Talking to everybody but each other about problems

I have often spoken to individuals in relationships who seem to confide a lot in their friends and relatives about their relationship, to the annoyance of their partners. To these individuals, I always say, talk to your partner. It is very frustrating when you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't confide in you. Even more so when there is an issue that everyone seems to know about, but the person who can actually do something about it doesn't know. The bottom line is that while it can be valuable to get external advice, the person you're in the relationship with needs to know about the problems you're having so they can be addressed.

Comparing your relationship to your friends' situations

It's easy to be on the outside of a relationship looking in, and it looks absolutely perfect. It's also easy to look at that perfect relationship and start noticing what is lacking in your own situation. Be careful about doing that, because you don't have all the details of the 'perfect relationship', and you will never have the same relationship. Instead of wishing you had what your friends have, how about focusing on your union and figure out how you can make it the formula for you and your partner's happiness?

Neglecting your sex life

Let me state a few facts: sex is a human need. Just like the need to eat, sleep and pass waste, people who have satisfactory sex are overall happier and healthier than people who don't. And the health of the sex life in a relationship will affect the overall health of the relationship. It's important to maintain the physical aspect of your relationship. Sex is how you physically express how you feel to your partner, so do not neglect it.

Paying too much attention to social media

Social media has been blamed for the demise of many unions. As a matter of fact, much of the evidence used in divorce cases to prove infidelity and other indiscretions in relationships come from social media. The truth is, persons are sharing way too much using the various tools available, but social media is not the culprit it's a tool. The people using the tool inappropriately are the ones to blame. So, stop allowing yourself to be so caught up in social media that you forget to maintain you real-life relationships. Create a no-tech time or zone in your home where the devises are ignored and you really connect with each other.

Life is happening and time is not waiting on any of us to catch up. So, live your life and do the things that make you happy. Love is one of our greatest gifts and finding someone to share it with is awesome.

So, pay attention to your relationships, try to make yourself better and work on growing with each other. Life is going to happen anyway, you might as well be happy together while you experience it.

As we say goodbye to 2016, let's be better to each other and make 2017 an even happier year. Have fun and stay sexy!

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