Demons stalk the land

February 10, 2017
Thid baby was among several persons who gathered at National Heroes Circle in Kingston on Tuesday to protest the killing of women and girls.

All the talk this week has been about the spate of abductions and murders of young girls across the island. Young women and schoolgirls have either been abducted, raped and murdered, or abducted and have remained missing. The most terrifying part is that you get the sense that those who have gone missing will not be found alive.

In response, the Government has announced a crime plan that they believe will start to stem this terrible tide that has been affecting our girls and young women. As brother to two sisters, an uncle to two nieces, a son to a mother, a husband to a wife, a son-in-law to a wonderful mother-in-law, and brother-in-law to two sisters-in-law, I am surrounded by beautiful women everyday, and it is disturbing to me, this trend we have been witnessing where there seems to be a deliberate attack on our women.




Some of it, I feel, stems from the general perversion that has been finding a foothold in our society because over the past couple of decades, we have become increasingly permissive to all manner of behaviours.

Too often, for example, we see little boys, no more than three or four years old, being encouraged to grind on little girls. Overtime, these practices tend to have deleterious effects on the minds of some of these children, who grow up to become sexual deviants.

Some of it also has to do with the belief in some quarters of this country - too many, if you ask me - that women are the property of men they are with. These men believe that the women are theirs to do with as they please. There is no respect. Many of these men seem oblivious to the fact that they have mothers and sisters, so they treat women like chattel.

Behind all of this, however, I believe is something even more sinister. I am not sure exactly what that is, but something more is definitely behind these abductions, sexual assaults and murders. The more religiously inclined will believe that there are demons at work in society, but the only demons out there are the men behind these attacks on our women.

The million-dollar question is, however, why?

That is the mystery, we the people, the police and the Government need to figure it out if we are to get to the bottom of this very serious matter.

We have a serious crime problem in Jamaica, but within the chaos, there is something that doesn't feel right. There is a terror lurking within the terror, and that is what really frightens me.

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