Do all men cheat?

September 19, 2017
Comedian Kevin Hart (right) and his wife, Eniko Parrish.

Relationships are, by definition, filled with obstacles, and couples find it hard to overcome many of them. One of the biggest challenges couples face is infidelity. No matter how hard some individuals try, they simply cannot remain sexually and emotionally monogamous.

There are many who argue that monogamy is unnatural, but I'm not going to get into that just now.

When two people commit to share their lives together, that comes with expectations. Even with the best of intentions, it seems that at some point, someone will cheat. Over the weekend, there has been much chatter on social media about Kevin Hart's alleged sexcapade with another woman. Many of his fans have expressed disappointment, because his wife is currently pregnant, and he always speaks up about not being interested in groupies. So how did he find himself in a situation now where he's apologising publicly to his family and going through this speculation?

My observations on relationships and cheating has taught me two very clear facts:

1. When the man cheats, he expects to be forgiven and usually, he is. Most women don't want to ruin the family, especially if they have children. So she will look at the greater good and try to work it out.

2. When the woman cheats on her man, most of the time the relationship ends. The man is not interested in any reconciliation, regardless of whether or not children involved.

So based on my observations, I'm pretty sure that Kevin Hart's wife will accept his apology, and before long, there will be posts of the happy, reconciled couple.




There are many people who believe that cheating is just a part of life and it's inevitable. As a matter of fact, statements like "all men cheat" have become a part of our culture and expectations in relationships.

At the end of the day, I believe adults are in charge of their choices and there's no such thing as 'accidentally cheating'.

Committing to a monogamous relationship is a choice, and if it's not possible to honour that commitment, perhaps you should make a different choice. Open relationships seem to be a workable option for some couples, so perhaps that's something that can be explored.

For me, the worse part of cheating is the deception and making choices on behalf of your partner without their knowledge or consent. Ultimately, it's important to put all your cards on the table and see what your partner will work with. Who knows? You just might want the same things.

Have fun and stay sexy.

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