How important is the gift?

December 19, 2017

Christmas Day is less than a week away, and for most people, the holiday has lost some of its sparkle.

When I ask adults about their favourite Christmas memory, they usually relate a childhood story. When pressed to remember one as an adult, it's challenging.

So many individuals believe that Christmas is all about children, and that's how they focus their celebrations. But what about people in relationships?

Isn't getting gifts on special occasions a hallmark of being in a happy relationship? What does it say if your spouse forgets to get you a gift? And what about the gift itself?

Does the specific item signify something about how your partner feels about you? For so many couples, giving the perfect gift can be both gratifying and daunting.

Some persons are just difficult to buy for, and there are others who just think that getting anything less than the perfect gift can affect the overall relationship.

Typically, in a new relationship, gifts are mandatory because it is seen as an indication of how a new partner feels.

The type of gift is also an indication based on two factors, from how personal it is to how much it costs. For so many new relationships, the absence of a gift could mean serious conflict, including the possible end to the tryst.




Some persons focus more on the value of the gift than the sentiment itself. This can be challenging, especially when the idea of value can be subjective.

For some, it's about the amount of thought and effort, while for others, it's about the monetary cost. Either way, it helps to have an idea of what your partner likes.

What about the men who have to get gifts for all the women in his life, from the side chick to his mother? This is a challenging prospect for any man.

This is more the case when the women are in competition with each other. The question of value is even more important for this man because every decision he makes will be scrutinised.

At the end of the day, I believe that gifts aren't an entitlement. I prefer personal gifts on ordinary days because it tells me how much I'm thought about and appreciated, so I don't place too much importance on holidays and special occasions.

I love extraordinary experiences on regular days. Whatever you thought on gifts, it's best to speak to each other about it.

Communication is essential to the success of every relationship, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

And have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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