Sexy resolutions for 2018

January 02, 2018

It's another new year, and everyone's making resolutions. From losing weight to making more money, many persons are out to improve themselves for 2018.

I personally love this time of year for many reasons. I, too, get caught up in making plans to improve myself. I love the weather, and I see the beginning of the year as an opportunity to reset and refocus.

While many persons are busy shrinking their waistlines and fattening their bank accounts, they sometimes forget about their relationships.

So in the spirit of refocusing, here are a few suggestions on how to improve relationships in 2018.


Don't criticise, offer solutions


It's very easy to point out what your partner is doing wrong. This can also be a source of conflict in your relationship, so try offering options on how to solve problems.

This is a great way to get a constructive conversation started and to eventually arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution.




The benefits of getting out of your everyday environment and going somewhere are infinite. Jamaica has many great places to visit, or travel overseas. Regardless of the destination, have fun, reconnect, make memories and meet new people.


Work on a project together


As a couple, if you a focused on creating or building something, then you will grow together as you complete the project.

The project can be losing weight together, starting a new business or even studying together at school. Having each other as support is always helpful, and it's a great bonding experience.


Schedule weekly alone time and keep it


It's very easy to get caught up in everyday life and with the fast pace of society and very heavy schedules, sometimes couples have it hard finding time for each other.

But no matter how busy you get, it's vital that you take steps to maintain your relationship. One way to do this is to create scheduled time each week and plan activities to do as a couple.


Make time for sex


The physical side of a relationship is very important and it's also the hardest part of a relationship to keep active, especially after having children.

Even with heavy schedules, always find time to share intimacy with your partner. Sexual expression is important to the overall happiness of the individual and also the couple as a unit. Nourish that part of your life.

Remember to always communicate your feelings to your partner and be open to trying new things.

Some persons are reluctant to make New Year's resolutions, but I believe that there is a place for them.

Having a goal and working at it can bring positive results and improve life overall, especially in your relationships. So go ahead and set your resolutions, and have a very happy 2018.

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