The evolution of beauty

April 10, 2018
Beautiful revellers from Bacchanal Jamaica participating in Sunday's Road March.


Carnival in Jamaica has grown to its best year yet in 2018, and yesterday, there was a great kaleidoscope of colours on the streets of the Corporate Area.

As a fan of carnival, my favourite part is definitely the road march. I love the idea of being able to be half-naked in public, the costumes are beautiful, and I just really love the reckless abandon of dancing in the streets.

As usual, the women were out showing off the bodies they worked so hard in the gym to sculpt, but something interesting caught my eye this year.

Though some bodies were sculpted in the gym, some were done in surgery as well. It seems that the new carnival accessory is cosmetic surgery.

As an advocate for personal choice, at this point, I just want to say that I have no issues with surgery or with persons who do them.

Looking at all the enhanced breasts and rounded rear ends, it made me wonder about our expectations and definitions of beauty and how they have changed.

Have we passed the point where enhancements are expected in order to achieve the ultimate beauty? I think that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and each individual will define it for themselves.

I am, however, cautious about the idea that a person needs surgery to be sexy. Not all of the surgeries are successful, and there have been several documented cases of them being fatal. It's not all beautiful bosoms and junk in the trunk.

I understand that living in a post-Kardashian era, cosmetic surgery is what many women, and some men, are aiming for.

I celebrate my natural body, and the idea of surgery is something I reserve for when I get sick. I also celebrate the right of each individual to be their best self, even if they choose cosmetic surgery.

Just ensure that it is, indeed, a choice made with the full information and all the options considered.

At this moment, I want to big up all the women and men who are confident with the bodies they were born with.

I also want to encourage the people who are working hard to exercise and eat healthy to improve not just the way their body looks, but their overall quality of life.

I know it's hard and sometimes inconvenient, but stay the course. your body will thank you.

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