Man a tell lie pon food

June 28, 2018

Nowadays up ya, it very common fi people order dem food fram restaurant tru Uber.

Dis one time, a regular customer call di restaurant, an di boss ansa. She frustratingly explain say a long time she did call een har order through Uber, an all now di driver dem nu nuh pick up.

Because she was a regular customer, di boss deliver it to har himself.

Wen him see di caller a come outta har house him hear har a argue wid a man. Di man say him neva waan she order fram di restaurant an tell har not to eva order fram dem again.

Di boss tan up deh wid di food very concerned dat smaddy a say di food nuh good. So him mention it to di woman.

She responded dat she nuh know wa di man inna di house a talk bout an invited di boss fi ask him wa bout di food him nuh like.

Di woman carry di boss right inna di house an introduce him to di man. Wen di man look pon di boss, is like him see a ghost.




Di man quickly say everyting good an dat a jus soh him love badda di woman more while. Di boss say ok an lef di house.

But di boss recognise di man as smaddy weh deh wid one a him employee.

Di boss figure say di man neva waan di woman order fram him restaurant because him know him woman work deh.

But di boss did bex say di man did a protect himself by telling one a him longtime customer say di restaurant food bad.

Dat mek di boss goh straight to di man woman an tell har weh him see har man.

But him shock wen di employee immediately tell him di exact address weh har man deh wid him bunnawoman.

She say she know long time an dat she nuh mind him a do him ting cause she a bun him too.

Di boss awkwardly say ok an lowe di issue an mek she know say har man jus tek di pork weh him order an staat eat it.

Wen him say dat di woman bawl out, "pork?!" Di boss confusingly confirm say a pork di man order.

Di woman staat one bag a cussing say a years now him mek sure no pork nuh cook inna di house dat not even she can eat it, but deh a odda woman yaad a nyam it?

Di boss say di woman get mad soh till. So she nuh bex say she know har man a bun har, but she stark raving mad say him a nyam pork wid him bunnawoman.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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