The good old days of romance


July 17, 2018

Every once in a while, I reminisce about some things that I used to enjoy from my past that simply do not exist anymore.

For example, when I was in high school, when I had a crush on someone, I would write a note.

The note would state simply: "I like you. Do you like me? Circle YES or NO".

I would ask a friend to pass the note to the subject of my affection and wait anxiously for it to be returned.

As I waited impatiently for a reply, I would get even more anxious, but when I finally got my note back with a clear circle around the word YES, the excitement I felt was unlike no other.

After the initial note, we would eventually meet officially and exchange phone numbers. Of course, I mean land line because we didn't have cell phones at the time.

Then the letters and the poems would start. They would have some lyrics of my favourite songs in them, including from Babyface (I'm a big fan) with lyrics like "I only think of you, on two occasions, that's day and night."

I remember how excited I would get whenever I received a new letter. Even today, I really treasure these letters and still have a few of them in a shoebox under my bed.

Fast-forward to today when with the access that we have to all the devices and the need for instant gratification, these little pleasures are almost completely nonexistent.

Today, an expression of interest from a possible suitor is so disappointing that the approach alone can cause me to not have any interest in the person at all.

Not only are the messages impersonal, so many of them are straight up inappropriate and disrespectful. I have received so many photos of the genitalia of strangers that I've just decided not to check my messages most of the time.

We have so many options to communicate, yet it seems that we are unable to efficiently express ourselves and connect. Now I have to settle for shorthand notes and emojis.

I know I sound like a real old fogie, but I really appreciate real conversations, and it appears that this is something that is not happening anymore.

While I'm not suggesting that we go back to writing notes on paper, I do think we can certainly learn from the past and use the new tech to express ourselves the way we used to.

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