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August 21, 2018
Having trouble in the bedroom?


Life in the 21st Century is fast-paced, chaotic and sometimes very hard on relationships. Between trying to maintain a successful career, taking care of family and just keeping up with bills, it's not hard to neglect your relationship. We always start with good intentions. At the beginning of our relationship, we move things around and make the time to be with this person, we stay up late for those long phone calls, and we go out of our way to spend time together.

Then, once we commit to each other and life starts happening, the effort that we initially invested is not sustained and we start falling back. And before you know it, your spouse has become your roommate, and all the fire you felt in the beginning seems to be extinguished.

Sometimes a relationship has run its course and we try to hold on for many reasons. But the truth is that there's no longer a connection. So, how do you know if your relationship is expired?


You stop talking


Those hour-long conversations that you had when you just met are distant memories, and now your conversations are just about the household and the kids. You have someone else that you confide in, and your partner has no idea how you feel or what your plans are.


Sex is a memory


You haven't made love with your partner in a long time, and you are now taking your clothes into the bathroom when you take a shower. The sexual tension between you is gone because you are no longer interested in being intimate with each other. You don't even make an effort to be sexual anymore, and it's actually a relief.


You suspect cheating and don't care


You see all the evidence that your partner might be unfaithful, and it doesn't even matter. You are actually relieved that someone else is occupying your partner's time. You find other ways to keep busy, and you even have your own prospects for a new relationship.


You stop noticing your partner


You coexist in the same house, and since you basically live different lives, it's easy to go for months and not even notice each other. New haircut, clothes, body? None of it even matters because you don't event see it.

Many of us judge the success of a relationship by the length of time that a couple has been together, but I think that measurement is flawed because a couple can stay together but are no longer happy as a couple.

The quality of a relationship is just as important as the time that a couple stays together. So, if you find yourself in an expired relationship, it may be time for you re-evaluate what's important to you and whether or not you want to remain in an unhappy relationship. Sometimes you just have to let go and start over to find happiness.

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