Schoolbag drama


August 30, 2018

A man drap off him pickney a school but likkle afta him get a call say him need fi return immediately.

Him rush goh back tinking dat supm happen to him yute. Wen him reach di teacha han him di pickney bag. Wen him look inna di bag him see say it full a money, stacks of $100 bills.

Di teacha tell him say she can work wid him yute widout him books da day deh, but dat him woulda haffi mek sure di pickney fahwud wid him books di nex day.

Di man den a walk weh wid di bag a money an a try pree jus how him yute coulda did end up wid di bag a money.

Him roughly estimate say it had to be about $200,000 in deh.

But when him look closer, him den realise say is not fi him pickney bag.

Him decide fi open di odda pockets a di bag an check dem. A soh him find paypa wid certain information weh included a numba. So him call it.

Him ask di bredren if him have a child weh goh di school. Di man ansa yes. So him convince di man fi meet him a one mall parking lot.

Wen di fada meet di man, him calmly admit say a fi him bag an mek a likkle signal.


Two criss SUV fahwud outa nowhere, full a some terrible looking man. Di bredda goh whispa sitten to dem.

One a di vehicle drive weh an two twos dem return wid anneda vehicle. Di man goh inna da vehicle deh an fahwud wid an identical schoolbag weh belong to di fada likkle pickney.

Cut lang story short again, di odda man juggle 'da supm deh'. Him did buy new bag fi him pickney, an did a use di pickney ole bag fi deliva di money.

Di pickney did mistakenly still tek up him ole bag an di fada somehow neva notice. Den now, because di bag dem look alike, wen dem inna di school lobby, di two pickney dem mistakenly switch bag.

Anyway, Missa Man tell him say him rate how him call him an neva loud up di ting. Di dawg all free up a 10-pack pon di bredda. Dem bless up one anneda an cut.

Layta inna di aftanoon di owna fi di money, and admit dat him jus waan di bredda fi know say him save him owna life wid him honesty as crazy tings woulda reach him if him neva did call di heavy man an return di money. Aay sah.

Awright .... a it dat peeps. Next week again same place ya soh. Bless up unu self, stay safe an nuh mek nuh crasses tek unu.


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