Are Jamaicans still falling in love?

October 23, 2018

Just taking a look at my social-media timeline, it seems that love is in the air and that everyone is getting married, or at least planning to.

Looking around in my everyday life, however, the instances of expression of love and commitment are not as evident.

It seems like so many individuals, especially women, have found themselves in a permanent state of singleness, and there seem to be no prospects available in a narrowing pool of suitors.

Don't get me wrong, there is still the occasional hook-up that happens usually after a chance meeting at a popular bar or party, but that typically loses its heat once everyone sobers up.

Maybe the challenge that most of these persons are experiencing is related to their expectations. Movies, music and novels have all given us a blueprint of romance and relationships that is unrealistic at best.

Some of us find ourselves waiting for that perfect suitor who will make our lives meaningful and bring us joy.




I think that this thought process is at the root of why so many of us find ourselves single and frustrated, because the illusive perfect partner is just not materialising.

Another observation that I've made is that men and women are looking for different things. A younger man is still having fun and just enjoys the company of as many partners as possible.

As men get older, they start to be more focused on partners who can support them and be great parents, but love is not the most important priority. On the other hand, women want love, commitment and financial stability.

I've often joked that Jamaicans don't date and fall in love, they 'go out and dem deh'.

As with everything else that we do, we have our own brand of falling in love, and when it works, it's very passionate.

I am also a fan of love, and when it's good, it can really make life feel a little more fulfilling.

I'm rooting for love, and I hope more of us find it in whatever version that brings us the most joy.

I also think that finding love will require stepping outside of our comfort zone and maybe even going on a date with someone different.

At the end of the day, love takes risk, so step out and fall in love with falling in love.

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