Big pap weh ova dishes


October 25, 2018

Yoggo yow yow! Wah gwaan, Tamfammers? Hope good duppy a falla unuh and unuh nah mek naasy nayga draw unuh out inna unproductive ray-ray. Yeah. Bless up all 'Ragashanti Live' listeners. Big up unuh self propa.

On to di prekeh ya now:

Dis couple up ya, dem relationship a gwaan good. Di man is an investment banker and mek whole heap a money. Dem live a Manhattan inna a luxurious condo. Di woman nah work though, say she been a look work fi 11 months now. Fi di time being, she stay home every day or do tings wid har fren dem. But bossy tek care a har to di max. She drive a fully paid-for, expensive car and wear di most expensive a everything. Di general all a pay har sista rent fi a nice apartment same place deh inna Manhattan. And when both har parents did need major surgeries, a him dat pay fi everything. Him jus nuh hitch fi use him hard-earned moolah tek care a everything fi har.

So, one time now she and him go visit one a har aunt inna one next state. Dem slap weh a nice dinna and had a great family time. Afta di dinna, di auntie did inna di kitchen and start wash di dishes. Bossy go inna di kitchen and start help har auntie wid di dishes. Miss Lady watch har man inna di kitchen a buss big laugh wid har auntie and actively a put een di work pon cleaning di dishes. Di man did such a good job wid di dishes so dat that was all har auntie and di auntie husband talk bout till dem leave.


So when dem on dem way a drive home now, miss lady bring up an issue wid Bossy. Basically, she say she vex bad dat since dem deh him neva yet help har wid any cleaning round di house, and dat when dem dishwasher did bruk dung, a did she alone haffi do di dishes. Bossy start get bringle and say dem hardly ever cook a dem condo and dat him work so much dat him nuh have time fi cook and she nuh like go ova fire, and as such him have almost all a dem food delivered.

Second, di few times dem have dishes fi do a dem condo, a usually di dishwasher dem use. Him seh dat di likkle time di dishwasher did bruk dung shouldn't be an issue fi she do di dishes. Third, him seh she nah work fi 11 months now and deh home a daytime nah do nutten so nutten, nuh wrong if doing di dishes a fi har responsibility.

Miss Lady start rinse attitude and say how him did happy a do di dishes wid har auntie and dat him neva yet show da side deh to har.

Bossy wappy back say dat based pon how she roll inna di relationship it neva eva motivate him fi bring out da side deh a him personality. Den him shut har dung wid di argument dat him work hard and tek care everything wid dem, so him nuh see why dem shoulda argue bout she being upset say him help har auntie wid di dishes, nor should there be anything wrong wid she a do di dishes di rare times she haffi do so.

Mi nuh know bout unuh, but yuh know say miss lady have a bit of a 'princess complex' though. Yeah man, she need fi check har self. And is a good ting di man a do fi mek she know say she nuh fi step to him dem way deh and dat she need fi buil and balance har ting wid more respect.

Look like she coulda all lazy too.

Anyways, a leggomentz again enuh. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Just gwaan stay safe and protect unuh head back. Bless up.


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