Stop your romance from going stale

November 06, 2018


We all know the story: Two individuals meet, they fall in love, make a commitment to be together forever, and live happily ever after.

This is the premise of a nice blockbuster movie. However, in real life, there are several other plot twists and challenges that come with being in a long-term relationship.

For the most part, we expect to find the perfect partner and expect that they will stay that way for as long as we are together. Unfortunately, real life does not work out that way.

We typically start out a new relationship with the best intentions, and we have some awesome plans. The challenge with this is that this state of euphoria is not permanent, and when the magic starts to dissolve, the tone of the relationship can change.




One of the ways we can combat this is by managing our expectations. We can also create routines that help us keep the interest in each other and the romance alive.

After a couple has been together for a few years, it's natural for them to change as individuals. So, how do we adjust to changes when they occur and still keep the relationship connected?

- Keep talking: As we get older, our preferences change, and the best way to adjust is through communicating with each other about these changes.

- Share your interests: As individuals, we discover new things that we like, and sometimes, we do not include our partners. Instead of always going by yourself, take your partner with you.

- Nurture your shared interests: Those things that you still love to do together - like exercising or travel - are important. Put them in your calendar, and make plans.

- Keep exploring: Find different things that are new and challenging, and conquer them.

- Keep the sexy: Believe it or not, the physical side of any relationship is very important to the overall happiness of the couple. Keep effort in your 'sexy' by finding ways to touch your partner intimately every chance you get.

Life is a series of new experiences and some old habits. The trick is to find a happy balance. As a couple, it's easy to become stuck in a routine and become bored.

Being in a relationship takes effort, so keep trying to get better and grow closer. Change is inevitable, so being deliberate about it can help you to be better able to adjust to the changes as they happen.

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