Could you be a professional sugar baby?

November 20, 2018

I recently watched a very interesting video about a woman who has never held a job in her life but spends her days at the gym, getting her hair done, and shopping.

She lives in an expensive mansion, owns several luxury cars, and travels to exotic destinations for vacation quite often.

Her very expensive lifestyle is paid for by her 'sugar daddy'.

What was interesting is that she considers herself a professional and calls herself a 'sugar baby'.

I was especially amused when I saw that her sugar daddy was a stereotypical much older rich Caucasian man.

He seemed quite enamoured with his sugar baby and quite happy to grant her every wish. The relationship between them seems very open, even sexually.

Listening to this interview not only entertained me, but it also made me pause. As women, the expectations that society places on us and the ones we place on ourselves are vast and varied.




I thought that the way that this particular woman has chosen to live her life is quite interesting, especially in an environment where the independent woman is being celebrated.

The comments about the video came from varied sources, from women who were jealous of her lifestyle to some who thought that she's a disappointment to women everywhere.

It's very easy to be judgmental, but the truth is, so many women see this relationship and wish to be in a version of it.

While they might not want such an old partner, they would be very happy with the luxury lifestyle at his expense.

I know quite a few women who are only working because they don't have a man to take care of them financially and be happy to stay at home if they could.

I know that I wouldn't last long, maybe two weeks, in such a relationship just because it comes at a price that I'm not willing to pay. Plus, I really enjoy having a career and making my own money.

Personally, I have never been a fan of creating a standard by which all women must live. I think that happiness is an inside job and that each of us should be able to define what that is.

The professional sugar baby has clearly carved out her life, and she seems happy with it, so I have no issues with her.

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