Hair in bucket shows up cheating husband


January 03, 2019

Soh dis likkle 12-year-old bwoy decide fi tek him mumma sheet a him neighbour yaad a buil tent wid di pickney dem ova deh. Di pickney dem a play say dem gaan camping an use stick, sheets an blanket fram dem houses a buil tents.

Anyways, dem out inna di yaad a play an di mada fi da yaad deh come out an bring juice an cookies fi di campers. Di pickney dem get excited and rush har fi di food to di point weh she staat laugh an a ramp wid dem. Wen she deh pon di ground a ramp wid dem she notice supm weh all woman always notice: Hair! She notice har owna hair. Yeah ... is a ting wid woman, dem always know dem hair wen dem see it, an definitely know wen hair a nuh fi dem.

She say she pause fi a second an notice good-good say har hair stick up inna di blanket weh di likkle bwoy bring fram nex door. She did confuse, caah she jus couldn't figure out how har hair coulda get so imbedded inna a blanket fram har neighbour yaad. But har instinct did tell har say supm eena supm. She staat medz di ting an reason say she done know she 100 per cent sure she neva lie dung pon di blanket, so if she neva goh pon di blanket den it mean di blanket mus did goh weh har hair deh. She also pree say she always love goh pon har back porch goh comb har hair - har regula spot fi do dat.

Soh she staat wonda say if she neva yet goh inna di neighbour house den probably di blanket did come ova to har porch an pick up har hair. She did a tink fi ask har female neighbour bout it but calculate say she as a woman a goh betta wid a cover-up. Soh she decide fi move to har husband.


Har husband come home an she neva wile him. Man relax, watch TV, eat an bade. Den wen him least expect it she say she jus tell him she want a divorce. Him get puzzled and confused. She tell him again an him ask har wa she a talk bout? She say she did have a whole step-by-step strategy work out fi every denial him did a goh mek .... but she did surprise wen har husband jus buss out everyting wen she knock him wid di fus cyaad: she say "think I don't know you ____ [neighbour's name] on our back porch?"

Before she coulda even say anyting else, har husband first looked shocked den staat bawl an beg har nuh fi leave him. She give it to him wicked same place, an all kinda drama buss out layta wid di female neighbour. As it turn out, di female neighbour did tink it would be too disrespectful fi bun har husband inna dem house. A soh she did come up wid di idea fi bring di blanket farm har house and gwane wid a thing pon back porch a di neighbour dem house.

Inna di long run, di woman who ketch har husband decide fi stay wid him. Him tek God offa di cross say him naa dweet again. Di woman nex door say she naa dweet again needa, an beg out di ting fi dem nuh tell fi har husband. Di woman who ketch dem was kind enuff fi agree to di deal not fi tell har husband .... she say she neva waan dem marriage mash up.

Long afta, di husband weh get ketch ask him wife where exactly she did put di "camera" weh ketch him? Him wife ask him why him tink a camera ketch him? Him say a caa di two time wen him did bun har pon di back porch she wasn't home, soh a soh him figure out say a one camera she set an ketch him. She tell him not to worry bout how him get ketch an jus mek sure him nuh dweet eva again.

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