Why do women clash like that?

January 08, 2019

It's a new year, and fans of dancehall have a new clash to sink their teeth into. This time, it's the ladies: Spice versus D'Angel.

As I get ready to take on 2019, I, too, am caught up in the drama of this debacle.

Ok, based on the videos on social media, apparently, D'Angel asked Spice to collaborate with her on the song No Worries.

Spice says that D'Angel stalked her phone day and night to do the song and hasn't called since.

Spice has even stated that she was the one to give D'Angel relevance because "nuttin' never a gwaan fi har". D'Angel says that she didn't stalk Spice's phone, and while she thankful for the collaboration, she owed Spice nothing.




That's my basic summary of the conflict, but I must admit, I'm very entertained by all the dramatics. I disagree with most persons who say that women should not butt heads because it doesn't look good.

I think that women should be able to have conflict just like their male counterparts and in the music business. I'd love to see how it affects their catalogue. I would love to see both artistes go in the studio and come out with some hot songs.

I do have a criticism, though, I don't know why the arguments must always go to the female genitals. From the days of Lady Saw to now, this back and forth with Spice and D'Angel, they always have to talk about each other's sex life, including how good their 'hole' is and what they do with it.

When I look at clashes from the men in dancehall, I cannot recall any mention of their penises. I can't recall any male artiste commenting on the sexual prowess of their opponent on who he had sex with and how it affects him as an artiste.

I'd love to see the ladies keep their criticism of each other outside their underwear.

Anyway, as a fan of dancehall, I think that clashes are part of the game, and the better artiste should win it, lyrically.

All the personal attacks talking about past relationships and who the ladies have had sexual relationships with should not be the focus - but then again, maybe it's just me.

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