The sexual exploits R. Kelly

January 15, 2019
R Kelly
Bill Cosby (centre), leaves the courtroom handcuffed after he was sentenced.

Lifetime Networks recently debut a docu-series in which it alleged the sexual exploits of R&B singer R. Kelly. The show inspired a firestorm of comments and reactions, including a new investigation into the singer's past, based on the accounts of the women interviewed.

There have always been rumours about R. Kelly's affinity for young women from earlier in his career. I can remember his marriage to Aaliyah, who was only 15 at the time.

The release of this show has, of course, sparked very passionate responses from social media, especially since the award-winning singer-songwriter was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008.

In the aftermath of the #MeToo movement, Bill Cosby's incarceration, and more women stepping up and speaking their truth about sexual abuse, it's hard to ignore these victims and the stories that they have told. As usual, I am always interested in the comments from regular people online, because it gives me an idea of the way people view the issue.

Here are some of the comments and questions many persons have been asking, despite what appears to be strong evidence against R. Kelly.


Why the parents keep carrying their girls to R. Kelly?


This question is very disturbing to me and should be offensive to decent men, because the implication is that men cannot be trusted with girls by nature. R. Kelly was supposed to be a producer and manager that worked with young talent. He was not supposed to be using his power to manipulate them and sexually abuse them.


These girls are just grown; they looked like they liked him


Girls' bodies develop at different rates and this is not an excuse for a grown man to see a child in a sexual way. She can be physically developed at a young age, and that is not a go-ahead for men to force themselves on them.


He was found innocent


Just because he was acquitted of child pornography does not mean that these other allegations should go uninvestigated. At the very least, the authorities must look into the relationships highlighted by the victims who were featured on the show.


What about the people around him who enabled his behaviour?


I think that this is a great question and it should be examined as a part of the investigation. According to some of the accounts of the interviewees on the show, R. Kelly has a ferocious appetite for young girls and some of his employees helped to recruit girls for him.

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