Keep romance in your relationship

February 19, 2019
Romance is something you should try to include in your relationship every chance you get.

We know the story; two people meet, connect and realise that they cannot continue to live without having each other. Then they get ready to make the awkward introductions to their family members, an exercise that can be daunting and very challenging.

When two people decide to make a commitment to join hands and hearts to become spouses, they not only change their lives, they also impact the lives of their individual friends and family. Suddenly, all these strangers who did not choose to be in each other’s lives are connected by this newly formed couple. Things get even more fun when children are added. Parents become grandparents, and siblings become uncles and aunts. The whole dynamic of the family changes.

With all the demands of life as a whole, maintaining all the extended family relationships can be overwhelming and makes it even harder to maintain the primary relationship.

No matter what demands are on your time, you must invest the time and effort in ensuring that your relationship with your spouse is on a strong footing.

Keep talking

Communication is integral to the success of every relationship, so this is a tool that must be employed to keep your relationship intact. Talk about your goals, and follow up; be each other’s sounding boards for problems, and always make time to have conversations about things outside of work and family – talk about fun things like politics and entertainment, just for the fun of it.

Yes, you need romance

It’s not just something you’re supposed to do on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Romance is something you should try to include every chance you get. You don’t have to make grand romantic gestures that require massive planning and execution. Focus on small, meaningful acts and take it from there.

Keep the family out of your conflicts

I know they want to help, but forcing your family members to pick a side during your fights can be problematic. As a couple, try to work out your issues together, or if you need outside advice, feel free to contact a professional, like a therapist.

It can be a struggle to keep all the relationships working efficiently, so try to prioritise. If you are doing well as a couple, then the extended family will be fine. Do not forget each other, and always keep working on maintaining your connection as a couple.

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