Loving a mama’s boy

February 26, 2019

The bond between mothers and sons throughout history has been very powerful and very few things can ever disrupt that connection – certainly not a new lover or partner in a man’s life.

The success of the relationship depends on how the mother feels about this potential partner.

According to the Daily Mail UK, 66 per cent of divorcees say their mothers convinced them to end the relationship.

This is one of the main reasons why so many women are afraid of getting involved with ‘mama’s boys’.

They know that his mother will always be the most important woman in his life and that can be terrifying, especially if she doesn’t believe that there is any woman in existence that’s good enough for her son.

So how does a woman get her man’s mother to see her as an asset to his life? How does she gain her approval?

And if he loves her but his mother doesn’t, how will their relationship survive? The way I see it, he must manage his relationship with his mother, show her boundaries and help her see why he chose this woman to be his partner.

He must also create opportunities for both women to communicate with each other, and he must never force them to ‘fight’ for him.

There will be occasions when he will feel like he is being pulled in two different directions and for those times, I hope he has siblings.

It can be very challenging to be the woman who has basically come between a mother and her son, but with commitment and some serious communication, it’s possible to build a strong bond that can last a lifetime.

So to mothers I say, no one will ever take your place in your son’s life, so try to get to know his prospective partner before you judge her; you might have more in common than what meets the eye.

And to the new lady in his life, be patient with his mother, for a very long time she was the most important woman in his life. She needs to adjust. And to him – understand that even though you may not be able to relate to how these women see each other, listen to them, help them see what you see in them and show them how important they are to you.

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