'Blak Ryno is ungrateful' *says JA Productions artiste Kurry Stain in defence of producer Justus

October 10, 2015
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Curtis Campbell

STAR Writer

JA Productions recording artiste Kurry Stain has added fuel to the war of words between well-known producer Justus Arison and former Portmore Empire deejay Blak Ryno by releasing a diss song called Bad Mind Inna Dem.

According to the seemingly upset deejay, Blak Ryno is ungrateful.

"It is clear to everyone that Blak Ryno is the problem. He is the common denominator in all the arguments dem. He left Portmore Empire, and now, Justus signed him to his label and did an album with him and now him a diss Justus. How yuh fi diss a man who help you? Ryno ungrateful," Kurry Stain said.


The deejay, in the lyrics of Bad Mind Inna Dem, even alleged that Blak Ryno was upset since he (Kurry Stain) was signed by Justus.

"He who bites the hand that feeds them will soon learn to kiss the boot that kicks them," he said.

Efforts to get a follow-up comment from Blak Ryno were unsuccessful.

A feud has been brewing between Blak Ryno and JA Productions for some time following allegations made by record producer Justus Arison that Blak Ryno signed a record deal with another label while still signed to him.

"The man beg fi mi terminate him contract, and when me ask him why, him say him done with music. Then few days later me hear seh him sign to a different entity, which legally is not possible. Him tek man fi fool," Justus said in an interviews recently.

career elsewhere

However, Blak Ryno later responded in a social media video stating that he wants to take his career elsewhere.

"Me nuh hear from him till me do a song with Ricky Blaze and him call me say he wanted the song on the album. I can't sit down and wait pon a man, me haffi keep on a voice 'cause me have kids and me have priorities," Blak Ryno said.

"I didn't hear from him for a couple months, then I got in touch with him in December. He told me he no longer needed me on the label and that he only signed me for the album and that the contract was terminated... a better him (Justus) just terminate the contract. It nuh make no sense you have a product on the shelf. Stop hold out mi career."

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