Melpo Mellz releases Holiday video


October 21, 2015
Contributed Melpo

Recording artiste Melpo Mellz has released a video for the single Holiday, produced by Mike Yangstar on the Stocktown rhythm.

The video, shot by Bob Rowssee in Stocktown, Sweden, features Melpo, along with fans and dancers on a yacht, enjoying drinks and having fun. It also features beautiful landmarks in Sweden, making the ideal blend of Jamaican music and Swedish beauties.

The single comes after the success of Melpo's Let Me Live My Life, which created a buzz in Jamaica and Sweden. Melpo Mellz said: "I love Jamaican culture and all that it has to offer, so shooting my dancehall video in my will was, indeed, special. The video was about me having fun the Jamaican way".

musical career

The entertainer is also a dancer and choreographer, who has been on the entertainment scene for more than 10 years. Although of Greek descent, she has grown a love for dancehall music and, as such, started dancing from she was a year old.

In 2007, she moved to New York where she was introduced to vocal coach Craig Derry and business partner Clurel Hudson who assisted in kicking off her musical career.

Melpo has been travelling to and from Jamaica and is known in dancehall circles. She is set to host her own special event in Sweden, geared at promoting her new music. Holiday can be found on her Soundcloud page

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