I didn't diss Mavado say Rhumba

October 22, 2015
Contributed Rhumba

St Ann-based singjay Rhumba has struck a cord with his latest single titled Up Like 11, which clearly takes jabs at Mavado's hit song, Up Like Seven.

The single questions, "how me fi up like seven when seven bend"?

Which has caused many local selectors to start saying 'up like 11', as opposed to Mavado's 'up like seven'.

"The number seven bend fi real and a after me listen the song me actually stop use the talk, Mavado a me artiste, but that talk deh fi fling down a gully far out," stated a popular Kingston-based selector, DJ Ridley, who did not want his real name mentioned.

'Stupid and shaky'

But according to Rhumba, he is not dissing Mavado; it is just that he does not agree with that chain of thought.

"How can one be up like seven when the number seven is bent? To me, it is stupid and shaky. Mavado a me artiste and I am sure he is not the one who created the popular talk, so absolutely no disrespect is aimed to towards him," Rhumba stated.

Born Rohan Mckenzie, the upcoming artiste is enjoying his new-found popularity and is currently promoting his Up Like 11 single, as well as his other single titled Gonna Be Better. Up Like 11 was produced by Dreams Records and Simpac Music.

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